Enhance your Discord experience

Leveling system, autorole, welcomer, moderation tools, economy, embed generators and much more!

Exclusive Features


Highly customizable greetings, keep track of your users with custom messages and embeds. Automatically assign roles to newcomers

Leveling & Ranking

Earn XP & level UP by chatting, keep track of your server's activity and watch the leaderboards. Customizable level-up notifications


Punish the rule-breakers: purge, kick, softban, ban commands with reasons & notifications. Announcements, votes and much more


E-Coins everywhere! Bring the capitalist system to your server. Daily rewards, betting, robbing and insurances

Powerful Tools

Highly customizable embed generators, translators, maps, ticket systems and much more

First Grade Entertainement

Play games, browse GIFs, find ducks, watch videos, get fed-up with memes and acquire unlimited wisdom

Become Social

Customizable user profiles, send cookies, receive cookies and build your own reputation


We've got too many resources! Stream your favorite tracks directly on Discord. Spotify is so overrated!

Not Convinced? Check out the commands section or try them yourself!